Which snacks is S.A:M suitable for?

For all the usual hot and cold snacks on sale such as Sausages, Pizza, Stews, Bakery goods such as Croissants and Sandwiches, for Wraps, Sandwiches, Steaks, Sushi and much more... 

What temperature settings are possible?

The newly developed S.A:M climate system with four climate zones (warm-steamed, dry-heat, neutral, cold to the touch with Crushed Ice) guarantees precise control of the temperature and humidity exactly to within +/- 1 °C. S.A:M can be heated in the temperature range 60° – 95°C (optional: 120°C). 

How does the heating work?

With the new development from S.A:M we have for the first time succeeded in coating safety glass with an extremely fine heating material. The heated glass which can be regulated has power supplied invisibly by electricity. In this way S.A:M offers even heating without air currents.

Is the glass hot from the outside?

No. They emit their heat towards the inside and only ever become slightly warm on the outside. There is no danger of fire breaking out. 

Does the glass steam up? What happens to condensed water?

Thanks to the new S.A:M Technology the glass does not steam up and it does not lose its colour either. The condensed water does not lie on the pane of glass but remains inside the display case, where to a large extent it evaporates. 

How does the ventilation work?

The intelligent S.A:M ventilation system with innovative manual control technology guarantees an optimum micro-climate for the widest variety of products.

How does the movement system work?

The so-called S.A:M Spinning System was specially developed for vertical presentation of foodstuffs. It consists of a movement band, which can be individually fitted as you wish with a take-up system which has a patent pending. Vertical goods carriers (blisters) can be fitted here due to the rapid snap in system and for example hooks can be suspended from them. The blister is available in approximately 20 varieties or also individual design according to the customer requirements.

Can I present several products at the same time, is the temperature the same everywhere?

S.A:M is the global market leader in display case technology with reference to the precision of temperature, removal of moisture from the air and climate control in the space. In this way many groups of products can be combined and can be kept warm and fresh without any loss of quality, e.g. different types of sausages with meat patties or similar. The heat distributes itself evenly in the display case thanks to the unique S.A:M Heating Technology.

Can I fill the display case alternatively with different Snacks? For example with sausages at noon and with Croissants in the afternoon?

Of course. No problem. Wipe it out once quickly, then S.A:M is ready for something new.

Do we need an external water supply for S.A:M or can it also works without one?

Both methods are possible. S.A:M has its own open tank system, however can also be operated using an external water supply connection. The open tank system is however standard. In this way S.A:M can be situated wherever you like.

What purpose do the slits in the side or the front finishes serve?

Plates or additional modules further products on offer such as Mustard, Ketchup or similar items can be hung from the so-called Service Slots. They are particularly suitable for quick access for visitors and employees. This takes the pressure off the work processes for everyone concerned and ensures better hygiene.

How is S.A:M illuminated?

With the development of new LED lighting technology for the first time it has been possible to integrate heat-resistant LED Chips with intensive irradiating illumination in the housing of the equipment. The consequence: A strong, warm LED light.

Why is the door mirrored?

Even with a small number of goods the mirrored effect creates the impression a lot of goods are present. Furthermore the water droplets which form on the mirrored door signal that everything is still fresh. 

How large is the glass display case?

Currently S.A:M in available in two sizes: Model S1 is 300 mm wide, 600 mm long and 680 mm high, Model S2 is 650 mm wide, 600 mm long and 680 mm high. 

What is the carrying capacity for S.A:M?

That depends on the products and the method of filing desired. One tip for the presentation of sausage meats in Model S1: The maximum suspended load for the movement system is 12 kg. This corresponds to approx. 120 pairs of small sausages. 

Can I alter the design of the glass display case?

Yes. S.A:M is absolutely flexible in its design. The fitting is guided by customer requirements and individual corporate design. The S.A:M Face concept offers a changeable front cover in a limitless selection of colours and materials. Whether metal, wood, plastic, powder coated, motives in a low-pressure photographic process or similar: everything is possible! The covers can be secured using a patented magnetic system and changing them is child’s play. The base plate in the glass display case can also be designed flexibly for example made of metal, Swiss pine or oak.

How many variations are there to set it up?

S.A:M can be adjusted in 5 different set up variations without tools:

As a large cinema screen for guests: In this way the large glass panes on the sides become the front view for the visitor who is sitting either on the left or the right of the door as you wish.

In the 2 side views (Smart Place concept): Your S.A:M faces the visitor with its small front glass . You can move the door handles from the left-hand side to the right-hand side at any time and achieve a large effect on a small surface.

In the 2 frontal views (Core Concept): S.A:M stands alone in the room as a solitary item and the guests serve themselves.

What does S.A:M cost?

The prices are guided according the respective size and fitting. Your specialist dealer will gladly prepare an individual supply price for you. Just contact us and ask!